Detailed review of Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS

With 13 million VND, is the Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus action camera a good choice for users, please follow the article below.
The Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS action camera just launched at the end of 2021 is a version with a 4G Nano Sim slot integrated directly on the body like the elder DR750-2CH LTE. With the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS, users will receive a more ideal experience by improved outstanding features, especially image quality has been upgraded to a new level.


Compact design using high-quality materials
Improved dual STARVIS CMOS sensor Full HD 1080p (before 60fps/after 30fps)
139° wide-angle camera both front and back
Smooth Blackvue Cloud Features
Smart parking mode

Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus


Parking mode requires a Power Magic Pro accessory, like the DR750-2CH LTE (No power cord available for shutdown recording)
Important features updated and the easiest way to enjoy Blackvue Cloud
The DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS allows direct connection to the Cloud without the need for any Wifi hotspot. Versions without built-in LTE will incur an additional charge for a separate LTE module, or a Wi-Fi accessory at external stores to provide internet for remote viewing.

Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus

In terms of key features such as Cloud or parking mode, the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS is optimized more smoothly. The new Blackvue App with Seamless pairing feature makes it easy for users to connect, manipulate and use. Appreciated for the human experience.

For users who love Blackvue’s Cloud services, the DR750X-2CH LTE Plus is the perfect dash cam. Simply insert the SIM card into the reader accessible by mounting it on the camera body, activate the SIM from the Blackvue App and you’re good to go. No more needing a separate Wi-Fi or LTE hotspot or worrying about powering an external Wi-Fi hotspot.

Parking Mode and Blackvue Cloud
The new version still has a useful smart parking mode with motion/collision detection and an optional Time-lapse recording mode that helps you record all situations even when the car is off. With Cloud features, you can easily watch live or review videos right on your phone, archive or auto archive for remote event videos from any distance, any area in the world. As long as the place has internet.

Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus

Most importantly, in parking mode, the camera sends a push notification to your phone if impacts are detected, so you can quickly check what’s going on with your car when you’re not around. These features help Blackvue demonstrate how advanced parking mode is and also one of the best parking modes in the world dash cam industry.

What makes the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS different than before is that everything has been improved to be smoother, smoother and faster. Utilities are exploited to the fullest, making it easy for users to access and use.

Intuitive vehicle control in multiple ways when the Blackvue App is combined with parking mode

Remote Live View allows you to check the view from either camera in real time wherever you are.
Push notification when dash cam detects impact on parked vehicle. It’s practical to be able to see what’s going on.
Ultimate security saves footage in real time to the Cloud (Live event upload) when paired with Parking Mode, obtaining video evidence even if the camera is disconnected midway through recording.
Remote playback: manage the arrangement of videos stored on the dashcam’s memory card and save important videos on your phone or in the Cloud.
Superior picture quality
The DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS will be ready to go as soon as you connect in the app. The DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS is equipped with the latest generation Sony Starvis IMX327 sensor 2022, delivering superior image quality in all environmental conditions.

Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus

We will often consider the resolution to arrive at a commensurate image quality decision. However, that’s not all, because the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS offers 1080p resolution but when you compare the recorded videos with the higher resolution 2K, 4K versions you will be surprised with the results. The innovative sensor makes the dash cam capable of recording clear images in a variety of lighting conditions (day/night), even on factors such as the speed of light change or the speed of movement of the vehicle. objects…

Blackvue DR750X-2CH LTE Plus

The new sensor on the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS model helps to better prevent glare and shoot in low-light environments, no longer afraid of image details being disrupted by impacts from natural or artificial light. Important details such as number plates are still clearly displayed both during the day and at night. Thanks to the higher dynamic range, the dark areas of the day or the bright areas of the night are still displayed sharp and with minimal noise; avoids all-monochromatic artifacts, a common occurrence on earlier versions and even higher resolution cameras.

If you want to choose the LTE version and care about image quality, this is the ideal choice. Because 4K quality does not necessarily provide the best image and the 4K dashcam version requires an additional update of the discrete LTE module.

Classy 2-channel dash cam
The DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS has the same design as its “brothers”. There are not too many changes in appearance, but the Plus series products are finished with high-quality materials, which means longer durability, peace of mind to use over time. Quick and aesthetic installation will not affect the car interior.

With the DR750X-2CH LTE PLUS version, users will get two front and rear cameras for cars with impressive image quality, connect to the Cloud anytime, anywhere, and enjoy outstanding features from the mode. Advanced smart parking.

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